Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shapes Activity

Hi all,

 This week we are working toward the K.G CCSS standards, and a pre-assessment showed me many students cannot name the basic shapes (!). To explore shapes and practice talking about their attributes, we used the tangram game on a beloved website, Then, students worked in pairs and trios to help their "teams" recreate the shape on their Tangrams app on their iPads. They were about as engaged as a teacher could want with a puzzle like this, but their conversations were the real best part. 

"I noticed two triangles connected make a diamond."
"You have to rotate the square so it's like a rhombus."
"Slanted lines come from when you spin it."

The tool, on our iPads:

The task, projected on the SMARTBoard:

Really excited to continue with this activity and see what skills and language come out of it.

-Molly Mac and Class

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